Open Projects

The Glitch is capable of expanding to many different projects. The following some projects using The Glitch.

Keystroke Injection

The KeyMe firmware allows users can configure a keystroke injection modules to browse a specific website, download and install an app, change system configuration, and anything else you can do with a keyboard (which is a lot!). Once plugged into the USB port, The Glitch will launch the user defined module by typing thousands of keys a minute flawlessly. The documentation for this project will walk you through, step-by-step, configuring and launching your own payloads, as well as provide a few examples.

Users can select to run the payload as a command, a script, an executable, or using a special Keyboard control scripting language called HIDIScript, against Windows, Linux, and OSX. The firmware will take care of opening the command prompt for you, all you need to supply is the payload.

The Glitch

Along with a small USB hub, the Glitch can be placed into all kinds of electronics without interfering with their operation. When the cover is placed back on the device it works exactly as it did before, with a little bonus. See the Embed section of the documentation.

The Glitch

Projects in Development

Some projects that are currently being developed.

Keyboard Logging

The Glitch can perform keylogging with a USB host adapter. To set it up; the keyboard is attached to the adapter, which is connected to The Glitch, which is connected to the host computer. Keystrokes are logged onto the MicroSD card and passed through to the host computer. You can remove recover the full typed in text in the HIDIScript format. This makes Keylogging easier to read, and also allows you to replay recorded keystrokes.

The Glitch

The Glitch can be controlled through Bluetooth with an adapter. Projects can leverage input and output through Serial over Bluetooth using a Bluetooth RS232 hardware adapter. The Serial connection can be used as an alternative to the DIP switch to select a module. Data can also be transmitted back through the Serial connection from The Glitch.

The Glitch